Guidelines for a Quality Trail Experience

A look overseas - for more quality trail experiences on public land.

Shane Wilson Cut

Shane Wilson // IMBA - Trail Solutions


„During our initial projects working with the Bureau of Land Management, we realized we needed a toolkit to improve communication of wishes and needs of mountain bikers to land managers. This resulted in the Guidelines for a Quality Trail Experience - a manual to create more
quality trail experiences.

Shane talks to us about the GQTE Guidelines, a basis for quality trail experiences. Because the condition for such experiences is good communication between mountain bikers and land managers, the guidelines are especially effective here: they establish a common language between the federal stakeholders and the MTB scene. The creation of a dictionary of scene vocabulary is beside the point - the focus is placed on establishing a basis for communication so that lasting collaboration among all stakeholders can be built on trust and understanding to create more high quality experiences on the trails. Shane reveals to us ...
  • What makes a quality trail experience.
  • Whats behind a common MTB language.
  • How mutual understanding can impact infrastructure.
  • What the benefits result of partnering with a federal stakeholders on trail projects at the local level.

About Shane Wilson

Shane has been cycling since the age of seven and has turned his passion into a profession: he is a project manager and trail system planner in IMBA's internal consulting programme "Trail Solutions". His tasks include feasibility studies, trail system planning as well as design, drafting and trail construction itself. In his trail planning, Shane has the biker's experience in mind, because every biker creates a different story for himself when using a trail, which is significantly shaped by the experience on the trail.